Ideally located for leadership in maritime innovation

Athens Maritime Innovation Center Location Map

Ideal Cluster Location.

Centered in the very heart of the world’s foremost maritime shipping cluster. AMIC is in the ideal geographical position between East and West to drive technology innovation across all maritime industry sectors.

AMIC Expertise

Maritime Expertise.

AMIC is designed as a full spectrum center of excellence for worldwide Maritime technological innovation, with the support and cooperation of an extended network of the leading professionals from maritime business, finance, insurance and technology.

European Funding through AMIC

Ecosystem Funding.

More than 2 billion Euros are expected to become available regionally for startups and innovation.

Athens Maritime Innovation Center Network of Professionals

Potent Networking.

Combining innovation, business facilities and conferences, AMIC gathers the global network of maritime professionals giving access to new ideas to spread and prosper all around the maritime industry.

Port of Pireaus

Port of Pireaus.

Located in the fastest growing port city in Europe, AMIC shares a home with the largest and most preeminent shipping fleet in the world (by DWT), benefiting from Hellenic shipping leadership experience since WWII.

Athens is Affordable

Business and Startup Affordable.

With Athens being one of the most affordable places to establish business and offering excellent quality of life, AMIC co-working maritime offices provides the means to establish your new venture or corporate presence.